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Thérapie Holistique pour soins multiples
Thérapie Holistique pour soins multiples
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Thérapie Holistique pour Soin multiple
Bio résonnance

PROCESS to follow...

For your Energy BALANCING!

Before considering your personalized CARE,  because this one will work on your most anchored pathologies within the memory of your cells, it is absolutely necessary to pass by the pre-rebalancing of your energies which are for some of them, vibratory unbalanced.

It is this drop in your vibratory level that creates the various dysfunctions and fortunately these disappear as soon as the part to be rebalanced is brought into vibrational contact with its original wavelength.

This is called the





That is, everything is energy and everything has a specific frequency, and it is enough to contact the original frequency of a deficient organ (or other energy plane)

with a frequency of the same starting value , so that this organ recognizes its original frequency and automatically comes to realign itself on the frequency placed nearby. The  BIO Resonance  


Of course, it takes a bit of time.  as for  

Homeopathy  since it is informational energetically and that it will be according to each one and the time since which it carries this imbalance.

This is again the principle of  BIORESONANCE, which acts  like a remote control  energy to realign the frequency which lowered its original vibratory level, resulting in pathological energy dysfunctions, according to N. TESLA who said:

If we want to understand the  Secrets of the Universe  " , we must resonate in terms  energies , _ _ vibrations and of frequencies, because everything is vibrating energy and frequency .


The only thing that needs to be changed here is the 440 Z by the 432 Hz

Nicolas TESLA

With the Dct RIFE at the frequency level

Conventional Medicine


Holistic Medicine


Conventional medicine, for me outdated, treats one pathology but creates others  with its  against adverse effects due to chemical medication.

This is why I scan the human energy spectrum as broadly as possible, so as not to spend time skimping on the possibilities of quantum solutions via energy medicine by


With the Dct RIFE at the frequency level

Concretely, with conventional medicine, this means that if you want to open your car door with your TV remote control, and vice versa,

you can try for a long time .

Except that with a classic and chemical treatment, you can maybe get there faster but with their sacrosanct side effects ., you will stay

in a permanent imbalance!

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  Care _ Energy _ Wide _ 

  To download

  Malfunctions & The well-being linked to your chakras ,  

 The Chakras ??? 

 The Chakras ??? 

  For any personalized care order, please leave your list of malfunctions  

  by mail to at the same time as your exchange of financial energy at 72 € 

  Regarding the accompanying music you will have 8 melodies  

  in my musical assemblies and if you want a personalized music  

  of your choice, you have to plan 9 € in addition ( 18 € not subscribed )  for extraction work of  YouTube , Transformation in 432 H, the formatting in 20 min ( duration of a  care ) , and mixing final ...  

  Also, thank you for also sending me by mail, the YouTube link  

of your favorite music!  






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