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     Pre balancing JjG Vibrasons at 100% of energy potential       


(100% of energy potential)

+ 4 minimum assemblies / month on average over the year

depending on the inspiration

Discover the

  Possible side effects  


present in all musical frequency pieces

Echange JjGvibrasons
Echange JjGvibrasons

As I wish to bring the most GoodandBetter Be everyone, and that not everyone can or necessarily wants to access everything, I have created a page on which from time to time there will bemelodies frequential care  that you can get in exchange for whatyou want or can give, and thus respectthe law of balancewhich is the basis justeallmevent

who comes from Heart:

In fact, for metrue equalityis based on theexchangewhatever the amount, ... but I would like to thank and also ask you to grant yourheart thought, to all those who allow theexistence of these treatmentsbecause it isthanks to their possible and full participation

that I can exist, and share this energy

so that we can all recharge our batteries.

whateverwho is whoandwho is where!

 So click on the Treatment of your choice to do

your exchange Don/Care,andbenefitsfrom energy care 

  who speaks to you and (or) makes you vibrate! 

Don de soi

 By selectingyour exchange care,you will access a document on which 

  you haveinformationabout the different ways to send your DON 

 & receive thisCare who is appropriate to you! 

00:00 / 03:33
Confiance en Soi

By clicking on the image of this

Care to be exchanged, you will access a document on which you will have information on the different ways of sendingyourDON& receive thisCare

who will further elevate your

vibratory level! ...MORE


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