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We find the 5 “Yin” meridians following which bear the name of the organs to which they correspond:

- Liver Meridian

- Lung meridian

- Heart meridian

- Spleen meridian

- Kidney meridian             Do Meridians exist?


We then find the 5 meridians "Yang" following:

- Stomach meridian

- Small intestine meridian

- Gallbladder meridian

- Large Intestine Meridian

- Bladder meridian


The meridians work closely with each other , and dysfunction in one usually affects another . In Chinese medicine, knowledge of the meridian system is as important as anatomy and physiology in Western medicine.




Element  FIRE  (heart meridian)

Pure tone at 289.5 Hz is known to balance the Heart, Small Intestine, Triple Heater, and Sexual Circulation meridians, all of which belong to the FIRE element ,              

2 -  LUNGS - LARGE INTESTINE                    

Element  METAL  (lungs and large intestines meridian)

Pure tone at 2018.3Hz is known to balance the Lung and Large Intestine meridians, which belong to the METAL element.


3 -  MISSED                                        

Element  EARTH  (spleen meridian)

Pure tone at 264.0 Hz is known to balance the Spleen and Stomach meridians, which belong to the EARTH element,


4 -  KIDNEYS - BLADDER                                

Element  WATER  (kidney meridian)

Pure sound at 380.1 Hz is known to balance the kidney and bladder meridians, which belong to the element WATER,


5 -  GALLBLADDER                             

Element  WOOD  ( gallbladder meridian)

Pure tone at 1024.2 Hz is known to balance the Gallbladder and Liver meridians, which belong to the WOOD element.


  TRIPLE HEATER ?                                  

( * ) The 3 fireplaces ( triple heater )

San Jiao (literally 3 hearths) is generally known in the West as Triple Heater or Three Hearths

The human being , placed between heaven and earth, is like them.

For Taoists , the earth is yin in nature (negative polarity), the sky is yang in nature (positive polarity).


The lower, anterior, internal parts of the human being are yin


the upper, posterior and external parts are yang.

• The human being , standing with his arms raised, is between the terrestrial and celestial poles , he is crossed by ascending and descending currents . These currents follow the path of the meridians .



( ** )   PROMOTION _  up to  25 December 2021 


will be    OFFERED    in the Personalized care  ordered , up to that date, the frequencies of

  5  meridians  and  28  Minerals  main.

  Beyond this date , see bottom of the page !  


   ZINC    /6.254 Hz   

thezinchelp toharmonizethebody, I'souland thespirit. Supports the ability to beself-consciousness. Help in case ofoveractivity, ofexcessive energyand ofemotional tension/mentalwhich may result from ashockor atrauma.

   SELENIUM    /19.092 Hz &272Hz

theSeleniumis aAnti-oxidant, production ofthyroid hormones,strengthens theimmune system.

   GOLD   / 39.29Hz &157.16Hz      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3cfb-136d_bad5

L'gold brings Vitality, Prosperity.

    IRON    /68.78Hz          

the Iron broughtVitality,Vital Energy.

   RHODIUM    /72.79Hz     

the Rhodium promotes the regeneration ofThymusand theProductionofT-lymphocyte.

   GERMANIUM    /80.05Hz      

the Germanium is aAnti-oxidant.

   SILVER    /99.35 Hz          


   POTASSIUM    /92.85 Hz    

thePotassiumhelps to preventkidney problems, to reduce the risk ofcancer, to protect againstcerebrovascular accidentsx, to prevent againstheart diseaseand to reduce thearterial pressure. Potassium plays an important role in the conduction ofelectrical impulsesin the body, it is also essential for maintaining thefluid and chemical balancesbody normal. Important for the proper functioning ofmuscle cells,including those of the heart. It also plays a role in thetransmission of nerve impulsesand helps release thecarbohydrate energy, of theproteinandfats consumedin food.

   MAGNESIUM    /140Hz &480Hz 

theMagnesium helps maintain anormal blood pressure, of thestrong bonesand oneregular heartbeat.. On themental plane, it helps topersistence of the "me".

   MOLYBDENUM    /140.43Hz/480Hz 

theMolybdenum Help withmetabolismof thecarbohydrates, fromsulfurandfats. Detoxifies thecarcinogenic chemicalsand helps fight againstcavities. Promotes thenormal cell functiones and helps to evacuate theexcess nitrogenfrom the body.

   NITROGEN   /153.78Hz        

L'Nitrogenbalance theHormone levelsandimmune systemstandardized.

   CALCIUM   /154.39Hz      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3cfb-136d_bad5

L'Silver help maintain thebone healthanddental, as well as thecolon cancer preventionand thereductionof the'obesity.

   SULFUR    /176.01 Hz         

theSulfurdeepens theunderstandingand theachievement, help withmental awakeningandwittyand at theflexibility. Relieves theblockagesand dissolve themhardeningsall sorts. Sulfur is also awaste cleaner in the body.


    CHLORINE   /187.16Hz       _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-5836

thechlorinee distributescarbon dioxideand maintaining theosmotic pressure in tissues. It is necessary for the production ofglandular hormonal secretions. It prevents theformation of fatexcessive andauto-intoxication.

    ZIRCONIUM    /199Hz &214Hz

theZirconium Autism, hatches andLYMEBorrelia eggs,cancer carcinomafermentative hepatic,hepatic cancer,measles vaccine, respiratory diseases,

   BORON    /246.60Hz       _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-5836

theBoronstrengthens theboneand improve thementality.

   HYDROGEN   /294.79Hz     

L'Hydrogenis aantioxidant,cellular hydration, production ofenergy.

   OXYGEN    /311.10 Hz       _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-5836

L'Oxygenacts like a Anti-oxidant, boosterenergy, improvement ofmental functions.

   LITHIUM    /377.70Hz &11,975Hz   

theLithiumacts on theself-cleaning.

   MERCURY    /409.09Hz    

theMercury In the ORMUS process, itresults from goldand vice versa. In homeopathy, used forear infections, themsinusitis, themmemory loss, themabscess, themboilsand themumps.

   IODINE   /424.00Hz &459.00Hz   

L'IodineHelps clear theblockagesof the chakra of thethroatand the arc (throat=5th, arc=6th chakra).

   PLATINUM    /493.36Hz      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3cfb-136d_bad5

thePlatinumdissolves the rigidity ofemotionsand of thespirit. Also strengthens theenergy connectionbetween thebody, I'spiritand thesoul.

   COBALT    /541.89Hz      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3cfb-136d_bad5

theCobaltfix themyelin sheath, metabolism ofvitamin B-12, increase inenergy, assimilation ofiron, stimulation ofenzymes.

   ANTIMONY    /549.14Hz     

L'Antimonyregulates theenergy communicationsbetween thespiritand theHigher Selfr. Help to overcomenegative attitudesand to manifestsuperior spiritual qualities. Facilitates the use of knowledge ofpast lives.

   SODIUM    /606.99Hz       _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-5836

theSodium, help toregulate water, to balance theacids in the bloodand theurine, and to promote the absorption ofnutrientsacross thecell membranes. It also plays a role inmuscle contractionsand the proper functioning ofthe nervous system. Sodium contributes toblood alkalinity. It also allows you to correct thestomach ulcers, ofdissolve depositsin thejoints, themearsand thegallbladder, and is good for thearthritis.

   COPPER    /608.23Hz       _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-5836

theCopper balances theinner conflicts. Strengthens the'intuitionand theconnectionwith the sense ofhigher powers. Refine itradiationand supports thedetoxat all levels ofbody, ofI'spiritand of thesoul.

   TIN    /696.06Hz          

L'Tinsupports the meaning ofjusticeand of thenatural authority. Increase thecreativity,thepower of expression, theself-realizationand the ability toestablish contacts.

    PHOSPHORUS    /928.95Hz      

thePhosphorus training aidhealthy bones, improves thedigestion, regulates theexcretion, the formation ofprotein, I'hormonal balance,improves the extraction ofenergy, thecellular repair, optimizes thechemical reactionsand the correct use ofnutrients.


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