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   Fact sheet  
" 3rd chakra "
  &  Digestion

3ème chakra
3 ème chakra
3ème chakra

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3rd Chakra – Distribution Center

physical energy and digestion

It reacts to thoughts relating to fear , anxiety, and worry.

This chakra is the distribution center of physical energy and digestion. It is associated with the ego and the mental body . It reacts to thoughts of fear , anxiety and worry .

For the majority of us, this chakra is always out of balance due to our emotional stresses . Through this chakra we can perceive the thoughts and emotions of others and eventually draw energy , consciously or not .

Functions :
• Center of all energies, all emotions
• Self esteem
• Personal power
• Will

Links :
• Life experiences from 14 to 21 years old. They are decisive and will condition this chakra as to its functioning and its


Body/Aura :
• Mental

Glands :
• Islets of Langerhans (in the pancreas )

Hormones :
• Insulin

Organs :
• Stomach, liver, small intestine, spleen, gallbladder
• Joints, muscles
• Part of the spine at the back (excluding bones )

Meaning :
• View

Shares :
• Become strong, healthy
• Achieve what is important to you
• The material ” coming from the parents, can be transformed by this chakra, to appropriate it. Then pass it on to our children.
This “ material ” will be improved, will be supplemented by our actions and behaviors.
Throughout our lives, we can modify , evolve our DNA, depending on our
When there is healing, there is necessarily a modification of the DNA.

Strength :
• Self-esteem
• Ability to handle crisis situations
• Courage to take risks
• Discipline
• Ethics
• Self esteem
• Strength of character
• Generosity

Energy form :
• Plasma

Creative energy :
• Recovering self-esteem by giving yourself a beautiful identity is done with the 3rd chakra, passing through the 4th, the Heart.

  Energy manifested:
• Starting point of a neurovegetative nerve, which will activate the attached organs, outside our
  conscious and under the control of our emotions.
• Negative emotions will send toxins to related organs.
• The 3rd chakra will therefore innervate this region.
• All fears, all emotions will therefore have effects on everything.

  Psychological influences:
• As long as we judge ourselves and give ourselves negative labels, we cannot develop the
  heart chakra.
• Regain self-esteem by giving yourself a beautiful identity, allows you to open the 3rd chakra, then to
  develop the heart chakra.
• Meditation can contain emotion
• All diseases whose origin is due to the 3rd chakra are consecutive to self-love.
• Sensitivity to criticism
• Self-care

Ailments :
• Anorexia and bulimia
• Arthritis
• Dysfunction of the adrenal glands
• Malfunction of the liver, hepatitis
• Intestinal and colon problems
• All diseases with “itis”
• All autonomic disorders
• Spasmophilia (heart problem due to anxiety)
• Ulcer of the stomach, duodenum
• Lumbar vertebrae (excluding bones)

Fears :
• Fear of abandonment
• Fear of rejection
• Fear of criticism
• Fear of ridicule
• Fear of not being good enough
• Fear of obesity
• Fear of baldness
• Fear of old age
• Fear of our disclosed feelings

Spiritual aspect :
Lessons relating to personality and Self-esteem
• Ability to take charge of situations , courage to take risks.
– ethics
- generosity
– strength of character

Keyword : I want
Rating : MI
Planet : Mars and Sun
Color : Yellow
Metal : Iron
Mantra ; I want

Balanced solar chakra :
Respect for oneself and for others, open, joyful, relaxed, spontaneous, without complexes, warm, taste for physical activity.

Weak or blocked solar chakra:
Lack of combativeness, tendency to abandon projects in the face of the obstacles they raise, no instinct for revolt, submission to the orders and desires of others, lack of assertive personality, burying one's own desires, nervousness, shyness, lack of coordination of movements under the influence of an emotion, lack of entrepreneurship, excessive self-effacement.

Overdeveloped Solar Chakra :
Can cause you to judge yourself, workaholic, perfectionist and bitter towards authority. Oversizing of this chakra: authoritarian tendencies towards oneself and others. Willingness to always be right, to control everything, to dominate everything. Search for esteem at all costs.
Tendency to dissatisfaction, lack of esteem for oneself and for others, irritability. Monomaniacal tendencies, lack of interest and attention for others, chronic rudeness and disrespect for others, deficiencies in listening skills.

3ème chakra
3ème chakra
3ème chakra
3ème chakra
3ème chakra





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