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What is that ?

According to the famous journalist and naturotherapist , Michel Dogna,  

“We are used to  classical waves, of the type  electromagnetic  which convey sounds, colors, perfumes, etc.  

Of a transverse nature, these waves progress from one way  sinusoidal at different speeds , but which always remain  less than the speed of light, fixed at 300,000 km/second”.  

" Scalar waves are longitudinal in nature - continues  Michel Dogna - and they progress in a spiraloid fashion , either in  


Note that they are similar with the shape of the DNA chains and  proteins which are therefore scalar antennae .  


We also know that the DNA of any cell is traversed by a  magnetic scalar wave that allows communication between  body cells. 

We  are without realizing it, bathed in  permanence in the background noise of a cocktail of waves coming  sun, rocks, earth, living beings that  surround and the entire Universe. Without this continuous bath, no  life form would not be possible .  


Rabbits were locked in thick lead cages,  being fed, watered, ventilated and artificially lit;  

they would die however in 8 days of what one could  appoint  “a cosmic hunger”…”.

“Longitudinal waves can carry to millions of  kilometers without weakening, - adds Michel Dogna. - Nikola Tesla  sent electrical energy thousands of kilometers per  scalar waves without any line loss .


Contrary to  electromagnetic waves, wave propagation speed  scalars can exceed the speed of light !  

It can even warp the space-time matrix , like  this is the case for thought, for example”. 

  sur les Ondes Scalaires  

 Electromagnetic wave 

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 Frequencies _ Scalars harmonize the biosphere and raise  the vibratory field at "a level
higher order , which has the effect of restoring health and maintaining it because the disease 
  or the "Mal à dit" is  always the result of vibratory state lower than the original one . 

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