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The Pre - Rebalances
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" LOVE is Everywhere "

L'Amour est partout
L'Amour est partout
L'Amour est partout

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Yes ! …Love or SOUL GOLD , or LIGHT OF THE SOUL IS EVERYWHERE, but… IT HAS TO START WITH SELF to be balanced and soothing , therefore BENEFACTOR!!!

This must first be against you, because otherwise you will be lacking with all that this can create as neuroses or chronic psychic disorders, originating in an unconscious conflict where you are not out of touch with reality. , but is your reality balanced?

You can only radiate from your inner SELF...

It is true that the anxiolytic, antihypertensive and analgesic effects of physical or spiritual and compassionate love have already been proven: "They globally reduce stress through the action of oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins", summarizes Prof. Sablonnière, medical biologist, author of La Chimie des sentiments and more recently of “Une vie”.

The virtues of love are many. In addition to raising our vibratory level, they bring inner peace, joy and inspiration. Knowing that you are loved is certainly comforting, but loving others in a genuine way is just as beneficial.

Because learning to love is also learning tolerance, respect, a sense of priorities. Love helps to open up, to get out of its little self that turns and attracts everything to itself, to surpass itself or even transcend itself. We thus offer ourselves the possibility of growing, of transforming ourselves profoundly.

He can push us to the best or the worst, but to flourish we all need to create bonds tinged with feelings. Whether it is the love of one's parents, that of his or her darling or even that which one bears to oneself, love is an essential component of life.

Whatever form of affection an individual experiences (love, attachment or desire), it makes him better. Indeed, love reassures the individual, values him, makes him more creative. This feeling makes it possible to develop tenderness, generosity, a taste for discovery and the desire to learn.

Love makes you blind ?
Indeed, love deactivates brain areas that influence our choices, including the prefrontal cortex. It is the one used for rational decision-making. There is also the cerebral amygdala, which plays a role in the feeling of fear, sometimes in negative emotions and judgment.

Love designates an intense feeling of affection and attachment towards a living being or a thing which pushes those who feel it to seek a physical, intellectual or even imaginary closeness with the object of this love.

“Wanting to be loved by everyone can also be read as a manifestation of altruism. That the opinion of others matters to us shows that we are interested in them, that we listen to their feelings. Katia Denard emphasizes that this need for love testifies to a lack.

Yes, love can drive you crazy… But what a nice risk to run?

“Being madly in love is the most marvelous thing we have to experience,” explains psychoanalyst Catherine Vanier. Yes, as long as we remain in the sweet madness, "the banal neurosis", as summarizes the psychiatrist and addictologist Michel Reynaud.

It is possible to consider love under three main components: Attachment to another person (We need the other to satisfy our own needs for well-being and happiness) Concern for the other (self-giving and Commitment to maintaining the relationship) A feeling of exclusivity towards the other.

Be that as it may, learn to love yourself with your qualities and your faults, which are only the part that balances the WHOLE, YOU!
When you accept what you are , nothing will stand in your way and you will change the World around you , because it will become what you are inside !





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