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Awakening is an endless process,but there are, however, common phenomena that take place on this path. 

And the following points represent stepping stones to a better and more fulfilling life, often necessary to move forward. enlightenment. 

Don't rush, take your time and pay attention to each point, because if you jump from it, it will bring you back to the starting point .

First stage :THE DISARRAGE 
At first you will feel lost, like a boat without a compass. Things will seem monotonous, dull and lifeless , which will lead you to disarray. You will literally be speechless and you will be afraid to move forward in life. Don't  panic, this step will pass very quickly. 

Second step: AGITATION 
At this stage, you will feel dissatisfied with your life. This breeds restlessness and frustration. Suddenly, the craving  for the change you have been trying to keep dormant for so long explodes, and gives impetus to the process of  your awakening. The idea that your life is your responsibility begins to surface. You do everything to take it back en  main. 

The awakening started the moment you opened your eyes. 

This phase is a whirlwind of emotions. Life is no longer the same. All colors brighten more, and all  smells are stronger. You start to feel ecstatic emotions (ecstatic)such as happiness, euphoria and freedom. But despite all this, the pain still lingers. Emotions from your past arise. You begin to ask you  how you chose to live your life. You start to question everything and it can be painful. 

Fourth step: LE  DILEMMA 
This often gives way to a game of arm wrestling. You are in a dilemma between opening your eyes and keeping them  closed. Fear slowly creeps into you. But precisely, it is because you are not prepared for the consequences  that you  will have to advance on the path of awakening. Everything is starting to make sense: your life, your beliefs.  You are starting to notice that you are walking on very slippery ground that could crumble at any moment. It's a  critical moment because those who continue on this path transform, and those who don't, go back to sleep... or freak out!_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

Fifth step: DARKNESS 
Everything around you begins to crumble, you find yourself in the dark realm. But you will have to go  through darkness to better understand the light. The state of the world might bother you: poverty, greed and even  the state of the environment. You want to know the reasons for this situation. The feeling of depression leads you to ask you  how you will fit into society. You have a strong desire to be a hermit, alone, and in nature. You feel  alone and lost because no one understands what you are going through. 

You consider that it is not necessary to change the world but the world. You can change it by changing yourself.  You feel a deep and growing connection between you and the world. Your priority is love and recognition. 

You  feel the urge to do research, to study spirituality and metaphysics. You let yourself be carried away by these burning desires . Your perception of the world changes and you realize that you are on Earth for a higher purpose. 

Seventh step: SYNCHRONICITY 
You appreciate the interconnectivity with everything: nature, animals, stars... You realize that you are part of the universe. 

As your consciousness expands, you begin to see the world on a deeper level. With the deployment of  your  intuition and your psychic abilities, equality and unity with all living beings becomes something natural. 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Synchronicity begins to manifest in your life. You realize that what creates your reality are your thoughts that pass  through the heart, your emotions and your feelings. You slowly begin to change your lifestyle to support this cause. 

Eighth step: AUTHENTICITY 
With this new state of consciousness, you feel like you are one with the universe. You have more clarity on your purpose. 

The tangible things you see (whose reality is evident from the matrix), do not matter to you anymore. You put your attention on the greatest energetic power. Your authentic Self begins to emerge. Your Authentic Self is meant to lead you to your highest cause, and your highest cause is to share your Authentic Self with the world without expecting anything in return. 

When you are in alignment with your Authentic Self, ideas begin to invade your mind drastically  (very forceful action). You attract abundance through your ideas and your creations.  because the important thing is to be creative, little  matters the domain. You give way to inspiration. You begin to see your destiny more clearly with the unfolding  of things. Your life begins to change. Your experiences and the people around you reflect your state of  higher consciousness. Challenges encountered along the way no longer bother you as you are well  equipped  emotionally and spiritually. ...  and that you no longer see the obstacles but rather the possibilities  to go further towards yourself. There are no more Dualities! 

As you continue your journey, you realize that you are in co-creation with the divine. You feel a  orientation when you create with the energy source. You feel a stronger connection with your spirit guides or your higher Self  or Self . Yourintuitionbecomes much stronger and you even develop psychic gifts. You are beginning to be in  harmony with unconditional love because you are working alongside God's plan of progress. You feel that you are Love,  that you radiate love, and you feel love. It becomes clear to you that this life is temporary. And that it was given to you  in order to live and enjoy it. Eventually you realize that the whole process of awakening is for your ultimate good. 

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