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frequencies of healing by Dr RIFE

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

When parts of the body become stressed or dis-relaxed , they no longer produce

the correct sound wave ...


In other words, they don't vibrate at their first resonant frequency, and in order to restore or recalibrate your frequency, you need to understand how the lower and upper vibrations affect your energy and health.

Science, medicine and metaphysics agree that certain frequencies can fend off disease and that certain frequencies may destroy disease .

Scientific research has shown that different parts of our body have

their own sound signature.

In summary, the sound of cells in your heart is different from the sound of cells in your lungs .

Dr. Rife was born May 16, 1888 in Elkhorn, Nebraska and died at 83 years 5 August 1971 at Grossmont Hospital probably murdered after fleeing to Tijuana, Mexico.


As early as 1920, Dr Rife was the first ever recognized researcher to have identified and photographed the tuberculosis virus.

From 1920 everything accelerated; after many inventions (mainly in optics), he invents a prismatic microscope named the universal microscope after several models, so he will observe LIVE bacteria and viruses;

- with a maximum magnification for the microscope n ° 3 (Los Angeles Times of the morning of Nov. 27, 1931pg8) of 1 / 60,000 with a resolution of 31,000 allowing him this observation of living things in advance of their time, which is not the characteristic of resolution of the electron microscopes which will appear much later.

RIFE the Machine that Kills Bacteria

Docteur RIFE

As a result of his experiments, he realizes from 1915 that viruses have a frequency of refraction at different light spectra;

this discovery is fundamental, each virus has its own resonant frequency.

Rife will then kill under his microscope these living viruses which he calls BX and BY (1932), formally responsible for cancer according to him and which come from bacteria; which does not deny the cell proliferation observed during cancer, for example, and which will be Gaston Naessens' hobbyhorse later in 1956;

all this can be integrated into the theory of Dirk Hamer on the onset of cancer.

Far from stopping there, Royal Rife (with the essential help of Phillip Hoyland) will manufacture the cancer killer machine with a plasma tube (1929-1943, under the specifications of Doctor Gruner) with discharge (with Helium) using square AM (amplitude modulation) radio waves after several amplification levels to " break " VIRUSes in the same way that glass can be broken by a resonant tuning,

or even a bridge collapsing by the rhythmic march of a troop. (This phenomenon is well known) .

The exact characteristics of the Rife-Hoyland machine have still not been found.

Docteur RIGE
Docteur RIFE

  An invention  


From 1947, Rife will work with Verne Thomson an electronics expert of the San Diego Police Department and will deviate from the path found by Hoyland;

the 1947 device (from Hoyland) attributed to Rife found by James Bare is no longer a Hoyland machine, this device built by Hoyland

for Dr. Yale, was modified by Thomson while it was running

(against cancer) before the modification, because Rife no longer understood Hoyland's primordial modifications ( to cure Cancer and not to kill only one or more viruses under a microscope ) to cure Cancer, it seems that the way of multiple harmonics does not 'was not understood by RIFE.

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