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7ème chakra SAHASRARA
7ème chakra SAHASRARA
7ème chakra SAHASRARA
Méthode chakras Thérapie

Liste très détaillée mais non exhaustive !

Addictions, Alimentation,


Candidats Albicans + immunité, Cerveau 100%, Compréhension, Connaissance, Conscience Universelle Divine, Conscience Christique, Corps Monadique, Cortex cérébral, Créativité (Force créative), Croyances limitantes


Divin (liaison)


Endocrines, Empathie, Énergie cosmique vitale, Épilepsie, Épiphyse, Esprit de Synthèse, Épiphyse Hormone ACTH




Glande Pinéale  (cortisol pour Surrénales)


Humeur mauvaise,


Indécision, Intuition dans le processus de guérison,


Joie (manque),


Mauvaise Humeur, Maux de tête migraines, Mélatonine, Mémoire causale, Métal Or, Migraines maux de tête,


Nerfs Système nerveux


Œil droit

Peurs, Pinéale, Prana (siège)


Relation autrui empathie


Sérotonine, Sommeil, Spiritualité notion de bon ou mal, Synchronisation Cerveau, Synthèse (esprit de)


Tête (Maux et migraines)

Peurs liées au 7ème chakra

The 7th chakra is connected to our spirit guide through the pineal gland. In popular Christian imagery,  it  is represented by the halo of saints.

This chakra escapes the physical body and even the primary etheric body. He is the Dove of the spirit whose  wings are at the top of the Tree of Life. It is also the point of a triangle whose base would be the ligne  uniting the two zones of psychic visualization located behind the ears.  

It is he who, in a way, "sanctifies" the heads of the serpents. It is the perfect illustration of the Universal, Divine  Consciousness, transcending the action of all the other chakras, and opening the doors to the Kingdom of  Everything.  





• At the top of the head, under the fontanel


• Understanding 
• Knowledge 
• Cosmic Consciousness, Transcendent 
• Spirit of synthesis 
• Connected to the divine 


Connections : 

• Related to life experiences from 42 to 49 years old 
• To the cosmos  



• Monadic (Divine Spirit)  


• Pineal / Epiphysis (The pineal gland is the transmitter-receiver center of telepathic waves.)


• Serotonin  



• Brain (upper part) 
• Cerebral cortex 
• Right eye   


Meaning : 

• Empathy  


• Nourishes the lower 6 chakras


Strength : 

• Knowledge 
• Understanding 
• Transcendent Consciousness 
• Intuitions in the healing process 


Energy form: 

• Consciousness  


Creative energy: 

• Point of entry into the physical body of the Creative Force (cosmic energy, divine energy, vital energy, etc.)


Energy manifested:
• Connects the physical body to the 7 chakras
• Seat of Prana


Psychological influences: 

• Ability to raise our consciousness. 
• Degrees of confidence that surpasses human fears.  


Essential oils : 

• Frankincense (incense) (for everyone)



• Epilepsy, if not due to non-physiological but extrasensory phenomena. 
• Suicidal thoughts 
• Loss of memory  


• Fear of losing beliefs 
• Fear of losing one's identity (emotions, memories, Form-Thoughts…)  


Spiritual aspect: 

• Related to the spiritual qualities of spirituality.
• Linked to our feelings about spirituality, notions of divinity, good and bad.

Food :…………Fasting  

Summary table to downloadHERE

Color: White / White-purple   

Right: To know   

Element: Thought   

Mantra: Ham So  

Metal: Gold  


• Amethyst 
• Diamond  
• Fluorine 

Keyword : I know    

Note: SI     

Planet: Uranus    


Balanced crown chakra: 
Opening to divine energy, total access to the unconscious and the subconscious.  . 


Weak or blocked crown chakra

Indecision, disappearance of the physical spark of joy. 



Frustration and frequent migraines.  

Information provided:

Jean Paul Thouny

Energy therapist, trainer - Voiron (Isère) France

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