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6ème chakra AJNA
6ème chakra
6ème chakras

Liste très détaillée mais non exhaustive !

Addiction, Affectif renforcement liens, Arrogance mépris des autres, Apprentissage difficile 100% cerveau, Audition


Blocages mentaux,


Candidats Albicans + immunité, Cécité Pblms de Vue, Centrage, Cerveau 100%,  Changements karmique, Clairvoyance, Colonne Occiput, Complexe infériorité, Complexe de supériorité intellectuelle, Comportement du mouton, Confusion entre l'Ego et Moi supérieur, Concentration mentale, Conscience de soi , Corps rejet du corps, Corps flottants, Cosmique Lien, Curiosité (Manque)


Désintéressement, Détachement, Discernement des émotions, Dyslexie,


Endocrines, Épilepsies, Équilibre intérieur Centrage,


Glande Pituitaire,


Hypophyse, Hormones Vasopressine,  Hypersensible au regard des autres, Hypophyse


Imagination, Incapacité à douter, Incapacité à l'intellectualisation, Intellectualisation excessive, Intelligence Émotionnelle, Intuition


Mémoire, Mental, Métal Argent, Moelle Épinière, Myopie


Nerfs (Système) Autonome, Nerfs Vague Occiput base de la tête colonne


Œil gauche, Ouverture d'Esprit Personnalité (manque),


Peurs, Pituitaire,


Raisonnement de l'Esprit, Relationnel social difficile, Rêves conscients


Sinus, Sommeil, Spirituel parvenir à la sagesse, Surdité


Troubles Neurologiques, Tumeurs cérébrales


Vasopressine  Hormones, Vérité (détenir la), Vue problèmes

Méthode chakras Thérapie
Peurs Liées au 6ème chakra
6ème chakras

It is from the 6th chakra thatyoupass on intuitionto the lower chakras. This is why Ajna is called the  third eye, theeye of intuition. He is the linkbetween our higher consciousness and the egoand between higher brain faculties  and instinctive brain functions.

linked to the mind, this chakra is represented with two petals which are connected to the right and left lobes of  the pituitary gland and are also attached to the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

The right hemisphere is the seat of theintuition,the left is the seat of intelligence
. Here takes place the celestial marriage  of the sun and the moon, resulting in the opening of the third œit and evolved sixth sense. The three main   nadis, Ida, Pingala and Sushumna, unite here before ascending to the crown chakra.  





• AV: on the forehead, between the 2 eyebrows 
• Rear: occiput  


• Self reflection 
• Clairvoyance 
• Inner balance 
• Imagination 
• Intuition 


Connections : 

• Related to life experiences from 35 to 42 years old 
• To the cosmos  



• Atmic (divine vitality)  


• Pituitary/hypophysis  


• Vasopressin  



• Learn to listen to your inner guide 
• The faculties of the 3rd eye are improved by meditation. During meditation, the Pineal and Pituitary glands  will emit a ray of energy which will meet at the 3rd eye. 
• Can lead to intuition and wisdom 
• Its action is linked to our emotional intelligence  


Meaning : 

• Divine Vitality  


• Learn to listen to your inner guide 
• The faculties of the 3rd eye are improved by meditation.

  Durantmeditation, the Pineal and Pituitary glands go

  issue aray of energy that will meet at the 3rd eye. 
• Can lead to intuition and wisdom 
• Its action is linked to our emotional intelligence  

Strength : 

• Know how to distinguish thoughts guided by force and those formed 

  by fear and illusion.


Energy form: 

• Luminescence  


Creative energy: 

• Faculty of Mind and Reasoning 
• Skills in using our beliefs and attitudes. An attitude is always the result of a belief.  


Energy manifested:
• The 6th chakra will help us open our mind and access detachment.  


Psychological influences: 

• Ability to see clearly into the hole of our emotions. 
• This chakra is linked to the affective and the mental.  


Essential oils : 

• White spruce (for everyone)
• Lavender (for everyone – calming, soothing)
• Peppermint (for everyone)
• Rosemary (for everyone)



• Learning difficulties 
• Dyslexia 
• Epilepsy 
• Spinal cord 
• Problems of blindness 
• Neurological disorders 
• Brain tumors  


• Fear of delving into one's own fears 
• Fear of relying on the advice of others 
• Fear of judgment  


Spiritual aspect: 

• The objective with this chakra is to achieve la 

wisdom through life experiences, by 

the faculty of discernment, which allows the 


Food :…………Entheogens

Summary table to downloadHERE

Color: Indigo  

Right: To see   

Element: Light  

Mantra: Om  

Metal: Silver  


• Lapis-lazuli 
• Quartz 
• Sapphire   

Keyword : I see  

Note: LA    

Planet: Jupiter and Neptune  


Balanced 3rd Eye Chakra: 
Detachment from material possessions, fear of death disappears, gift of telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, access to past lives.


3rd Eye Chakra  weak or blocked
Oversensitive to the feelings of others, insecure and

unable to distinguish the ego from the Higher Self.

Inability to intellectualize, lack of interest in

cultures, knowledge, sciences, lack of


Rejection of spirituality, rational mind to

excess, extreme attachment to material things

and physical pleasures.

Lack of intuition and

extrasensory perceptions. Inferiority complex,

“sheep” behavior in society, membership

ready-made ideas, prejudices, lack of

personality, critical thinking, character and

Ifree arbiter.


Overdeveloped 3rd Eye Chakra: 

Proud, religiously dogmatic, manipulative and egotistical. Tendency to excessive intellectualization of the  lesser thing; conversely, tendencies towards mysticism and too marked irrationality with, in both cases, un  unconscious rejection of the body, material things and pleasure. 
Intellectual superiority complex, contempt for others, arrogance. Rejection of daily life, material goods,  inability to have normal social relations, dominating tendencies in the field of spirituality,  certainty of holding the Truth, incapacity to doubt.  

Information provided:

Jean Paul Thouny

Energy therapist, trainer - Voiron (Isère) France

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