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5ème chakra VISHUDA
5ème chakra
5ème chakra

Liste très détaillée mais non exhaustive !

Abandon sensation, Acouphènes, Actions, Addiction, Asthme,  Allergies, Asthme


Bégaiement bafouillage, Bouche,


Candidats Albicans + immunité, Cervicales C4-C5, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Cœur accident cardiaque, Confiance ( Manque de), Colère, Conscience Supérieure, Conscience de soi, Communication, Corps Boudhique, Cou – Douleurs, Créativité


Dents (chakras 1 et 5), Dos cervicales C4-C5


Endocrines, Élocution difficile, Émotions (Maitrise), Énergie créatrice, Épaules (hors os) Douleurs, Expression de soi


Finances difficultés financière, Force,


Ganglions Hypertrophie, Gencives, Glandes Thyroïde


 Hypertrophie Ganglions,  Hypothyroïdie,


 Influences, Intégrité, Intuition Flashs,

 Lien 2ème chakra


Mâchoires ATM, Mensonges, Métal MERCURE,


Nervosité, Nuque douleurs, Oreilles Ouie ( Sens), Perception extra sensorielle, Peurs


Relation autrui, Respiration


Scoliose Cervicale, Sinus, Solitude, Spirituel, Survie Matérielle, Système respiratoire


Télépathie, Tête (maux de ), Thyroïdes troubles, Timidité, Trachée artère, Troubles du langage,


Vertèbres cervicales (H.os), Vies antérieures (Accès), Voix cassée

Méthode chakras Thérapie

The 5th chakra is thecommunication center, of the'self expression, of thecreativity. It is through him that the on  hears his inner voice because he is connected to the sense of hearing and to theether element, WhereAkasha

When awakened and purified, it promotes
telepathyand theinformation channeling. Vishuddha is the door  leading to higher levels of consciousness. We could look at this chakra as an "energetic mouth ". 

It is intimately linked to our
personal expression. Not only our oral expression, dependent on the  breathing, but quite simply theexpression of our self,of our deep personality. The more we are  fulfilled, fully exploiting all our potential, the more this chakra radiates. 

Working on it means that we will move in the world with confidence and serenity. It is not then  necessary to impose oneself by an illusory force. Through this chakra, we approach the phenomenon  of exteriorization of our inner universe. If this is harmonious, melted at Creation, then we will be  perceived as we are, strong, peaceful, rich and luminous. 





• AV: in the hollow of the throat 
• AR: cervical C4-C5  


• Communication with others (speaking and listening) 
• Intuitive communication (intuitive flashes) 
• Creativity, creation by the verb 
• Self-Expression 
• Expression of thoughts 
• Expression of emotions 
• Integrity, purification 


Connections : 

• Linked to life experiences from 28 to 35 years old
• Very linked to the 2nd chakra



• Buddhist  


• Thyroid and parathyroids


• Thyroxine  



• Mouth and what it contains:
– teeth (chakras 1 and 5)
– gums
– jaws (ATM)
• Lymph nodes
• Neck
• Medium ears
• Respiratory system
• Trachea and its airborne extension
• Cervical vertebrae and shoulder (excluding bones)


Meaning : 

• Hearing  


• When this chakra which was closed begins to open, waves of conscious and subconscious (dreams) occur, as well as explosions of creativity, desires for change.
• This openness can be obtained through singing, theatre, etc.

Strength : 

• Awareness of blockages  


Energy form: 

• Vibration  


Creative energy: 

• The development of this chakra promotes clairaudience  


Manifested Energy: 

• Good communication is not just about being able to exchange feelings with others. 
• It is also being able to interact with different conscious and unconscious parts of oneself.  


Psychological influences: 

• When the 5th chakra is overwhelmed by emotions and feelings, we have little chance   of having access to ourselves… 
– “Swallow your emotions”, 
– “Not being able to express your fears”, 
– “Feeling of being isolated”… 
– This leads to dysfunctions in the throat, in the thyroid…  


Essential oils : 

• Eucalyptus (for everyone)
• Lavender (for everyone – calming,

• Myrrh (for everyone)
• Hemlock (for everyone)
• Rosemary (for everyone)




• Cardiac accidents 
• Asthma 
• Pain in the neck, neck, shoulders 
• Lymph node hypertrophy 
• Laryngitis 
• Headache 
• Cervical scoliosis 
• Sinus 
• Thyroid disorders 
• Language disorder (stammering, stuttering, insecurity, nervousness, shyness, tendency to   lies, broken voice…) 
• Cervical vertebrae (excluding bones)


• Fear of losing material survival 
• Fear of abandonment  


Spiritual aspect: 

• The spiritual lessons that can be learned from the 5th chakra teach us that actions motivated by the  individual will and spiritually guided are those that produce the best results.
• Accepting to be oriented by the Divine can also have a beneficial effect on our thoughts and our attitudes. 

Food :…………Fruit

Summary table to downloadHERE

Color: Light blue

Right: To express oneself and to be heard 

Element: Ether

Mantra: Ham 

Metal: Mercury  


• Aquamarine 
• Celestine 
• Tourmaline  

Keyword : I communicate


Planet: Mercury 


Balanced throat chakra: 
Centered, combative, good speaker, possibly an inspired musician or painter, attraction to meditation and spiritual wisdom. 


Weak or blocked throat chakra
Shyness, stammering, stuttering, language difficulties. Nervousness, jostled words, disjointed speech   even incoherent, without common thread. Broken, shrill or inaudible voice. Lack of facial expressions, little   body and hand movements during conversation. Lack of assurance, doubt about one's own  capacities for persuasion, lack of naturalness, lack of sincerity, tendency to repeat lies.  


Overdeveloped Throat Chakra: 

Arrogance, self-satisfaction, dogmatic character, exaggerated speeches… Tendency to uninterrupted chatter, logorrhea. Monomaniacal behaviors, lack of listening skills. Willingness to always be right, bad faith. hypochondriac tendencies. Excessive movements of the arms, hands and theatrical mimicry during even banal conversations. Tendency to passionate debates to excess. Tendency to mythomania and megalomania.

Information provided:

Jean Paul Thouny

Energy therapist, trainer - Voiron (Isère) France

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