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4ème Chakra ANAHATA
4ème chakra  ANAHATA
4ème chakra ANAHATA

Liste très détaillée mais non exhaustive !

Méthode chakras Thérapie

Acceptation de soi, Addiction, Affection, Allergies respiratoire + Immunité, Amélioration psychique, Amertume, Amour de soi, Angine de poitrine, Artères, Aura Nettoyage, Arythmies, Avant bras,


Bronco pneumonie,


Candidats Albicans + immunité, Cellulite, Cœur physique et Amour (liés), Collagène, Confiance, Compassion, Conscience de l'Unité, Colères, Cotes, Créativité Inspiration d'idées


 Déficit immunitaire, Diaphragme, Dos douleurs dorsales D5-D6


 Endocrines,  Égocentrisme, Espoir, Épaule


Générosité du cœur, Guérison - auto et pour les autres, Glande Thymus


Haine, Hypotension (insuffisance cardiiaque),


Infarctus, Influences, Immunité  de base - Amour de Soi, Inspiration créativité d'idées, Insuffisance veineuse,




 Liaison des plans inf et sup


Mains (hors os)


Négatif, Nettoyage de l'Aura


Œdèmes, Organes,


Pardon même si difficile, Peau tous problèmes, Peurs, Poumons tissus pulmonaire,


Relationnel par toucher, Repli sur soi - non amour


Sagesse, Sang système circulatoire sanguin, Scoliose, Seins, Spirituel, Syndrome de budd- Chiari


 Thorax cage thoracique, Thymus Détox


Unité besoin d'


Valves aortique, Vertèbres dorsales

This chakra is thecenter of noble feelings.The heart chakra is acenter of balancewhich makes the link between  the three chakras located below and which concern the physical plane, and the three above which relate  to the spiritual plane.   

This chakra isrelated to lovethat the man feels for the woman or the parents for the child,  Anahata also expresses theDivine Love, I'Cosmic Love, the Love of all beings, of all elements of Creation. 

He is a bit ofheart of christthat beats in the heart of each of us.  




• AV: on the sternum, between the 2 breasts (at the level of the nipples) 
• AR: between the shoulder blades/dorsal D5-D6  


• Self-acceptance, wisdom
• Love (the one we can receive and the one we can

• Compassion
• Awareness of the action by the group
• Promotes the communion of ideas


Connections : 

• Linked to life experiences from 21 to 28 years old
• Intermediary between body and mind (physical plane and

  spiritual plan)



• Causal 


• Thymus  


• Hormone Thymus 



• Heart, lungs (lung tissue), diaphragm, breasts 
• Blood circulatory system 
• Rib cage, shoulders, forearms, arms, ribs, dorsal vertebrae, hands (excluding bones) 


Meaning : 

• Touch  


• The heart chakra is the central point of energies. It constitutes a real "bridge" between the physical plane of  our being (first three chakras) and the spiritual plane (three following chakras). 
• The heart chakra generates positive and cannot give negative. 
• The love experienced at the level of the heart chakra is very different from that, more carnal and passionate, of the 2nd   chakra. 
• With the 4th chakra, the love expressed radiates outwards, in a state of being expressing love and compassion to all that passes within our reach._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
• It is the divine presence of an empathic connection rather than the extension of a need or a desire. 

Strength : 

• Love
• Compassion
• Sorry
• Inspiration
• Hope
• Trust
• Self-healing ability
• Ability to help others heal


Energy form: 



Creative energy: 

• Affective in nature 
• Generosity of heart  


Manifested Energy: 

• This chakra is either open or closed, but does not work negatively.
• If the energy of this chakra drops, there is an accentuation of the emotions of:
– jealousy
– bitterness
- hate
– difficulty forgiving
– anger, grief
– egocentrism
– non-love of Self.


Psychological influences: 

• There are no thoughtforms emitted from the 4th chakra.
• We know that the thymus produces lymphocytes (T cells), necessary for the development of our immune system.
• Lack of self-love or the emission of thoughts suggesting that one is not loved, will generate immune deficiencies.


Essential oils : 

• Benjouin (for everyone)
• Lavender (for everyone – calming,

• Lemon balm (for everyone)
• Patchouli (for everyone)
• Pink (for everyone) 



• Heart disease (infarction, 

valvular dysfunctions, angina de 

• Lung, breast, skin cancer 
• Bronco-pneumonia, all skin problems 
• Dorsal vertebrae (excluding bones)  


• Fear of loneliness 
• Fear of committing, of following the path of

• Fear of being unable to protect oneself on the 

  affective level  
• Fear of betrayal. 

Spiritual aspect: 

• The spiritual lesson of this chakra is to bring: 
– love 
– forgiveness 
– compassion 
• Intermediary between the physical body and the Spirit. 
• The first 3 chakras are associated with the physical body. 
• The 4th chakra serves as an intermediary between the physical body and the spiritual bodies. 
• The 3 upper chakras are associated with the spiritual bodies. 


Food :………… Vegetables  

Summary table to downloadHERE

Color: Green (sometimes pink)

Right: To love 

Element: Air  

Mantra: Yam  

Metal: Copper  


• Emerald
• Jade
• Pink quartz

Keyword : Like 

Note: FA  

Planet: Venus  


Balanced heart chakra: 
Compassion, desire to care for others, development towards unconditional love. Open, friendly, in touch with his feelings. 


Weak or blocked heart chakra
Paranoia, indecision, desire to cling to objects or people, fear of rejection and need to be constantly  reassured. Inability to love, indifference. Inability to show love for fear of rejection and failure.  Frequent disappointments in love, feeling of rejection. Lack of generosity, selfishness, withdrawal, feeling  of loneliness. 


Overdeveloped heart chakra: 

Demanding, overly critical, possessive, moody, depressed,   master in conditional love. Tendency to excessive generosity for the sole purpose of having une  recognition in return. Tendency to an excess of unrequited and devastating amorous passions.  Feeling of superiority due to too exclusive self-love. Feeling of being exploited and misunderstood by others because of the excessive love that we have for them. 

Information provided:

Jean Paul Thouny

Energy therapist, trainer - Voiron (Isère) France

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