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Soin Scalaire TERRE CIEL
Soin Scalaire TERRE CIEL

Since ancient times , people have spotted places on Earth , where animals come to rest, where plants grow best.

A fter having visited these places , having bathed there or simply have drank water , people quickly regain their strength , the sick recover, infertile women give birth to children .


Today, scientists have found the reasons for these miraculous effects . It is the flows of energy and information , coming from the deep layers of the earth, which are of capital importance. It turns out that most of these " places of force " are found above rupture zones in the earth's crust.

It is through these flaws that the earth gets rid of its excess energy . This is why these places are of a  level  higher energy.

These frequencies work with the heart chakra and are addressed above all to our   Soul .

The Universal Frequency Energy  Love  " Where "  Harmony  is necessary for healing.

In case of  heavy and chronic pathologies , it is essential to  change his outlook on life.

The frequencies accompany us in Spiritual Healing.

  HARMONY    To have the INNER PEACE and SERENITY   

" Harmony » favors the financial plan in synergy with a spiritual development .


It allows an alignment of the material with the spiritual. It is a powerful harmonization of the energies of the heart with the energy of action in matter. It increases the financial flows intended to work for the well-being of all in a fair balance .

" Harmony »  promotes action and the success of projects .

" Harmony can help its user to take a positive direction in his life, to find the path that is in line with his deep aspirations .

Properties  : 

  • Develops the mind and Consciousness;

  • Allows the emergence of the sacred feminine (for both men and women) ;

  • Opens the person to the energies of Heart ;

  • Promotes creativity and the realization of projects;

  • Allows a proper balance of spiritual and material forces;

  • Removes obstacles and protects against malicious thoughts and intentions ;

  • Gives great energy...

  • Increase in the vibrational level of the person

  • Harmonization of personal space and social relations

  • Cleaning of negative programs

  • Transformation of negative emotions into positive emotions

  • Mutual understanding

  • Unconditional love 

  • General well-being and inner peace

  Polarization  : 

The frequencies "  Harmony  » contain the polarization of seven water samples from of ARKAÎM , a famous archaeological site located in the Steppe SOUTH of the URAL

Among them :

  • Two water samples, taken from the east side of the shaman mountain at sunrise , at the time of the summer solstice.

  • A sample of healing spring water, located at the foot of the Cheka mountain (Mountain of Wealth and Power) , taken in the same period of the summer solstice.

  • Four other water samples were taken during the summer solstice, at the top of the mountain of Happiness , in the center of the small and the large spiral, in the mountain of Love.

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  CLEAR LOOK    Latest Energy Generation _ _  

  ( 5 elements ) Wood, Fire, Metal, Water and Earth

"  clear look  » restores the vascular system from eyes and brain and stimulates the blood circulation in the organ of vision . It decalcifies the Apatite gland of the 3rd eye , to alsohelpto see the true natureof feelings,eventsand removes the psychological veil which prevents discernment .

Also restores cells , _ fabrics damaged and delete negative programs vision loss or illnesses . _

Relieves fatigue _ and the eye stress facing the computer screen. People who work on computers all day can use this frequency at the end of the day to remove tension from the eyesand restoreblood fluidity.

  Properties :  

  • Recommended for the prevention and treatment of all eye diseases such as : myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism, and loss of vision

  • Strengthens eye and brain capillaries _ _

  • Stimulates blood circulation in the eyes and regulates eye pressure

  • Cleanses the liver (involved in eye health. TCM ) , spleen and pancreas

  • Protects against radiation from screens (computer, TV, etc.)

  • Relieves eye fatigue _ _

  • Opens the mind 's gaze to the nature of events

  • Removes the causes that prevent us from understanding the reason

  • Develop lucidity _

  • Acts on the thyroid (in addition to a treatment)

  • Has a beneficial effect on the mucous membranes…

  Polarization  :  

  • Buddhist source Datsan Alkhana i , located in the foothills of the Saïan mountain .

  • This source of water with healing properties has always attracted people with various eye diseases.

  • To provide informational protection , a cosmo-energetic channel has been added , called  Golden Pyramid frequency , as well as the polarization of the dolmen located in the foothills of the North Caucasus , near the city of Gelendzhik (Russia) .

  • To accelerate the regeneration of cells, the polarization of Ayurvedic medicine , Makaradzha Swati , has been added .

  PROTECTIVE TALISMAN    Latest Energy Generation _ _

( 5 elements ) Wood, Fire, Metal, Water and Earth

"  Protective Talisman " is a powerful protection of the most luminous energy, which gives man & woman a solid defense (shield of light), eliminates all psycho-pathogenic actions and neutralizes their consequences at the level of physiology.

The information contained in " Protective Talisman " fills the mind with strong vibrations of peace and harmony.

The information contained in the plate and collected on Sacred places of power is a powerful purification of the aura , energy centers, pathogenic memories, feelings, emotions and negative impulses (conscious or unconscious) of the human.

It is an effective protection against the influence of the environment (various attacks, malevolence, jealousy, magic) .

It allows healing of body and mind, eliminates sadness and depression.

Help to overcome difficulties , and forgive past mistakes .

Properties : 

  • Powerful human protection;

  • Enables healing of body and mind;

  • Protects against negativity, stress , resentment and calms aggression ;

  • Eliminates painful memories and traumas;

  • Protects against negative information, harmful influences, jealousy, magic, and corruption;

  • Promotes forgiveness and brings peace of heart and mind;

  • Develops personality and self-confidence;

  • Helps to overcome difficulties;

  • Develops the feeling of Love and wisdom;

  • Increases sexual energy and vitality;

  • Protects and eliminates disorders of the uro-genital sphere;

  • Awakens ambition and the desire to undertake;

  • Effective in eliminating inflammatory conditions;

  • Helps with schizophrenia, epilepsy or mental abnormalities;

  • Eliminates sadness and depression;

  • Develops quiet strength and good humor ;

Polarization  :  

     Polarization of water samples taken from the purest and most sacred places  

     powerful for their healing abilities and strong energy.

Note tipper  :  

  • Significant changes in feelings , emotions and behaviors occur within 3 to 4 weeks of use . From physical manifestations may also appear (in the event of pain, place the earpieces of the helmet on the area concerned) .

     These are the signs of a deep cleansing of all the physical and subtle bodies, quickly  

    followed by a state of well-being .

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