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  • Contributes to the elevation of the level of self-awareness, to the development of thought  synthetic and activates consciousness 

  • Gives impetus to the movement, to the development, to the evolution of the person 

  • Increases spiritual and creative potential 

  • Helps to understand and accept the system of eternal values and absolute love 

  • Fills the individual with divine thought energy, contributes to the transformation of all  energies in Light 

  • Promotes the opening of consciousness, the conception of truth and the laws that govern life  on Earth and in the Cosmos 

  • Helps harmonize feminine and masculine energies 

  • Allows you to work on deep issues that are at the root of relationships and  interaction with others, complicated situations in all areas of life.  


In this "Altar Mount" frequency is recorded the polarization of the "place of force" of the  Altarnaya Mountain (the "Altar Mountain"), located in the Russian Far East.  

Altarnaya Mountain represents one of the projections of the Triple Star Sirius on Earth , a  energy portal through which the divine feminine energy of Sirius arrives on our planet. 

Origin: Sakhalin region , the foothills of the Soussounaï mountain range , the line of  watershed of the Komissarovka and Odessitka rivers, 20 km northeast of the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, 3 km northeast of the village of Vestochka, 1600 m northeast of the bridge crossing  the Komissarovka river if you take the Listvennitchnoye Okhotskoye highway.  

The Orion Constellation Portal is projected onto the Altarnaya Mountain. 

Orion is a galactic portal that connects our galaxy to other galaxies and to the Universe. 

On Orion's belt the union of Spirit and Matter takes place. 

It is a crossing zone where duality is transformed into Unity. 

The energies of Orion lift us up to access the passage to a new level of  understanding and realization.  

Sirius is the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major and the brightest star in  our sky. 

Energetically, Sirius is a highly spiritual civilization that brings to Earth  and emits the energies of Spiritual Awakening to help us. 

This star is also an Astral Portal through which, just as through the door of a house, one can  access from our Universe to other Universes, from one dimension to another.  


Scientists today call such channels "black holes."  


By its importance for the inhabitants of the Earth, Sirius can possibly be considered  as the 2nd star after the Sun.  

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The Frequencies of this series  « SPECIAL are intended to solve specific health problems and serious . They provide Vitality , Harmony and Optimism .  


The Frequencies of this series  "SPECIAL" help to :  

  • Quickly restore physical strengths, increase activity 

  • Normalize the psycho-emotional state 

  • Clearing the consciousnessof negative thoughts and programs   

  • Start rejuvenationprocesses 

  • Perceive the outside worldcorrectly 

  • Formulate and to reach goals more easily   


  • Polarization of water samples taken from springs and rivers known to their healing powers, coming from different countries of the world 

  • Channels of Cosmic Theurgy MAYA (an innovative method to improve health ,  karma , private life , business , interpersonal relationships , spirituality ,  rejuvenation )(*)  


The frequencies of the DIAPASON favor the opening of the maximum potential of the other Scalar Care of all the series ( NATURE  - EARTH / SKY - COSMOS )  



  • Contributes to strengthening and maintaining immunity 

  • Eliminates imbalance , blockages and "clamps " that prevent feeding   harmonious energy centers 

  • Ensures faster positive results to other Scalar Series 

  • Triggers the processes of preparation of the organism to receive the vibrations at high  frequency of other scalar care 

  • Helps the body to harmonize for better functioning of  TUNING FORK   in case of sound  insufficient effect 

  • Gargle with structured water 

  • Use "  TUNING FORK   » during meditations , spiritual and energy practices 

  • It is recommended to wear it in the epigastric region ( solar plexus ) 

  • It is possible to use  "  TUNING FORK  to speed up the fulfillment of wishes and direct his  destiny. To do this, it is preferable to have already formulated real desires 

  • You can ask questions while listening to "   TUNING FORK   and receive answers under  form of intuitions , dreams , signs , etc. 

  • Prevents agglutination of red blood cells, promotes blood fluidity, limits the  thrombogenic  (formation of a blood clot). 

  • Promotes regeneration of the gastrointestinal mucosa, healing of erosions ,  ulcers , cracks in the rectum 

  • Through the central nervous system, it exerts a good action on the reproductive system: mental and psychological factors thus stimulate libido and potency. 

  • Promotes good performance of blood vessels and valves, accelerates the  lymph movement 

  • Produces positive effects on arteries, muscle and heart rhythm (treatment of  arrhythmias and extrasystoles) 

  • Produces beneficial effects on cognitive abilities , memory 

  • Helps to fix uncool character 

  • Eliminates headaches of different origins   

  • Weaning aid (alcohol, narcotics) : to eliminate cerebral intoxication , drink water  structured by "  TUNING FORK  »   

  • Sharpens the senses such as hearing and smell, helps to find the taste of life 

  • Promotes the regeneration of all tissues (muscles, skin, mucous membranes) following  trauma or surgery 

  • Helps align mind and body to high vibrations 

  • Contributes to mindfulness and understanding of the true meaning of life 

  • Helps you make the right decisions and achieve your goals 

  • Release fears , doubts and illusions 

  • Relieves tension  

It is recommended to drink water structured (informed) by " DIAPASON » every day, at least 

108 drops (a Mini glass but Informer a bottle that retains frequency properties for 3  days) , to take baths and to shower with structured water (informed by your high  speakers) , as well as to structure your mouthwashes if you take any.  


" TUNING FORK contains the polarization of water from the source " 108 drops " located in Mongolia. 

Water structuring time : at least 20 minutes.  

Soin Scalaire Série Exclusive.jpg
Soin Scalaire Série Exclusive

-   NATURE   -
  Medicinal plants , minerals, 
healing springs

-   EARTH / SKY  -
  Cosmos-telluric high places 
  Where "  places of strength  » 



-   COSMOS    -
  Enable Channels 

  ( * ) Maya cosmic theurgy ???

Maya channels appeared in space in the years 2005-2007.


They come from the constellations of Orion and the Big Dipper.

The action of the Maya channels is 5 to 10 times more powerful than that of the cosmos-energetic channels which preceded them.

Their action is edifying and creative.

All channels of the  Mayan cosmic theurgy  speak to our conscience.

It is no coincidence that it is said that health is the mirror of conscience ”!


The Maya canals pass through the crown chakra and raise us towards the golden energies of the Source , towards the  Celestial higher planes. 

This means that each user of JjGvibrasons musico - frequency assemblies containing Maya channels, assumes full responsibility for his thoughts and actions.

The  Mayan cosmic theurgy  is a new approach to Cosmology (*) .

Maya cosmic channels  restore the health , promote spiritual evolution , launch rejuvenation processes , harmonize affective relationships , promote the mutual understanding within the family and between colleagues , help in business, bring joy and success ...

(*) Cosmology is the branch of astrophysics which studies the origin , nature , structure and the evolution of the Universe.

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