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The Pre - Rebalances
at 100% of their Wave efficiencies

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   Pre rebalancing - JjGVibrasons   


For any order of a personalized treatment , it can be made from your favorite grand standard music, because this allows the treatment to take on a greater dimension.

Indeed, the best moment(s) of your life musically will amplify this personalized care thanks to the emotional side which is one of the essential axes in the quantum healing process via Energy Medicine.

1 – So you have to choose your favorite music on YouTube,

2 – Send me the corresponding link so that I can:

– extract it from this platform
– transform this piece into 432 H to allow connection with everything

   the living
– format it and extend its duration (originally around 3min) in order to reach a final duration of 20 min, the duration necessary for the

   optimal performance of a treatment
– assemble it with the frequencies at 100% efficiency necessary for your energy rebalancing
– Mix it harmoniously with the frequencies acting by Bioresonance
– send it to you so that you have access to your

This service initially planned with a financial supplement of 37 € is temporarily FREE to subscribers who request a personalized treatment ...

Those who have already chosen this musical customization, have all felt the difference with an Energy Care whose accompanying music designed by JjGVibrasons, even if they are felt to be a source of Well-being, will never reach the same vibrational energy as a melody that has accompanied “one” or “happy passages” in your life and that has supported you in difficult times.

We are all strongly influenced by our Emotional Consciousness, and this is what Quantum Healing through Energy Medicine brings to light for me.

The primary goal is to use this emotional wisely, so as not to be influenced by it, in order to free yourself from recurring patterns that create unbalancing frequencies from an energetic point of view, and lower your vibrational level to keep you in an area where everything will be turbulent and chaotic from every point of view.

So RELEASE YOURSELF, just by raising your VIBRATIONAL LEVEL with your personalized music and the healing frequencies of

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