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M ultiple E nergy Balancing

Balancing energy Multiple

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Equilibrage énergétique Soin Personnel
Soin énergétique multiple Thérapie Holistique
nikola Tesla



The goal is not to make your physical Liberation last , but to favor the increase of your Vibratory level, in order to reach your Spiritual Elevation as quickly as possible , because it is now that we need it!

It is now that we must all react in order to act on us, for ourselves and others.

It is now that we must all react in order to act on ourselves and others.


On these more than 300 frequencies , which I gather, will act those which will be identified automatically by the dysfunctions of your bodies, physical and Subtle, by Bio resonance, and will automatically realign themselves from an energetic point of view.

Indeed, even if for classical medicine certain links between the dysfunction of certain organs and the emotional are a little more clearly established than 30 years ago, there remains a large part of misunderstanding in all this and which is beginning to be revealed by Quantum Science.

Conventional medicine does not see us as a UNIT physical but like pieces of organs assembled by hand FRANKENSTEIN , unrelated to the emotional and spiritual side. So imagine his consideration of other planes and dimensions,

For a large number of them we are in the middle of Science-FICTION ...




That is to say that everything is energy and that everything has a specific frequency, and that it suffices to put in contact the original frequency of a deficient organ (or other energetic plane) with a frequency of the same value. of departure , so that this organ recognizes its original frequency and automatically comes to realign itself on the frequency placed nearby. BIO Resonance


Of course it takes a bit of time, as for Homeopathy since it is energetically informational and it will depend on each person and the time for which they have been carrying this imbalance.

This is once again the principle of BIORESONANCE, which acts as a remote control energy to realign the frequency which lowered its original vibratory level, resulting in pathological energy dysfunctions, according to N. TESLA who said:

If we want to understand the "secrets of the Universe", we must resonate in terms  energies, vibrations and frequencies, because everything is energy vibration and frequency.

Conventional Medicine


Holistic Medicine


Conventional medicine, for me outdated, treats one pathology but creates others  with its  against adverse effects due to chemical medication.

That's why I scan the human energy spectrum as broadly as possible, so as not to spend time skimping on the possibilities of quantum solutions via energy medicine by Bioresonance...

With the Dct RIFE at the level frequency

For all those who have  ...

...  several Imbalances!

Common Base &

P ersonal imbalances _

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  For you to relax 
  during the reading 

Concretely, with classical medicine, this means that if you want to open the door of your car with the remote control of your TV, and vice versa,

you can try for a long time .

Except that with a classic and chemical treatment, you may be able to get there faster but with their sacrosanct side effects , you will stay

in a permanent imbalance!

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