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Rife's invention is very disturbing , and his "aide-de-camps" after 1943 , John Crane, will be sentenced in 1961 to 10 years in prison, without any reason for proof , he will come out after three years, his innocence recognized e.

The list of questions in the trial against John Crane and submitted to Rife , a refugee in Mexico, is indicative of the intentions of the authorities at the time to go back to the source to cover it all up, but on whose behalf?

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Milbank Johnson , his project manager, a member of the Alhambra Masonic Lodge under No. 322 and later of the Perfection Lodge (32nd degree), died on October 3, 1944, after being poisoned (poisoning revealed much later by exhumation) , just before the press conference where he was preparing to disseminate the results of TOTAL cures of the 16 patients,

in terminal cancer that they had treated.

Docteur RIFE Une invention qui dérange
Morris Fishen

Morris Fishbein,

It is the infamous Morris Fishbein , the president of the American Medical Association , who will try to buy back his invention from Rife, and will be at the source of the Rife-Hoyland conflict;

Rife refuses to sell to Fishbein because he wants to market it himself.

Doctor Nemens who made backup copies of part of Rife's work a few kilometers from his laboratory is killed at his home in a mysterious fire .

So the other researchers, friends of Rife, including the gray eminence that is the DR. Kendall, will end up denying it and take an early retirement after hard money… $ 200,000 at the time!

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The MAI Morris Fishbein seize and destroy one of four machines (built by Hoyland Rife for) in circulation and possession of Dr. Hamer, the machine Doctor heal Layer two of six patients in 1934, Dr. Gruner will dare no longer use his machine in Canada for fear of the medical environment and it will end up with an electronics dealer; Dr. Yale's machine will return to Rife , and only Dr. Layer's machine will successfully cure many cancer patients for 22 years .

One will find in English many sites which diffuse the plans of its machine, frequencies classified for each virus, even the history, to the machines currently for sale, and discussion lists in order to rebuild a powerful machine.

Guérir du Cancer
Microspcope Universel Dct RIFE

The universal microscope bearing No. 3 (made up of 5,682 pieces!) From Rife to Risley's Prisms ( research funded by billionaire Henry Timken, of which Rife was the driver ) seems to have been hidden forever; a simpler version, # 5, "Made for Doctor Gonin", can be found safely in a controlled-access museum in London . Let us hope that another microscope lost in nature emerges one day, as today its correspondence as well as the press of the time, testimony of the past. Gaston Naessen's microscope still exists; Gary Wade seems to have found the elements and observations necessary for the remanufacturing of the Universal Rife microscope and to overcome the Fraunhofer diffraction limit.

The suspicious individual sent from the United States to London attempted to destroy Bertram Gonin's Model No. 5 microscope .

According to Gary Wade, it is the USC Medical School Special Medical Research Committee that will destroy the 100% convincing results of cancer treatments obtained by Rife and Johnson in 1934,1936,1937.

It seems that the key to the secret of Rife and Hoyland for the destruction of the Carcinoma virus or "cancer" is the use in square of the two radio frequencies AM one stable, the other variable following: 11,780,000 cycles and 17,045 .555 cycles (Rife-Hoyland, November 20, 1932) to give a total of 28,825,455 cycles! all sent to the essential Plasma tube after several levels of amplification and voltage variation (many will have turned around the bush!). These two frequencies generate a third

The strangest, and always inexplicable, the positive effect of the wave formed by the plasma of the Rife discharge lamp, passes through a Faraday cage, through the metal! (except lead), concrete and would therefore act in the order of light.

Microscope Universel
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