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This chakra is located at the base of the spine, it is theseat of kundalini, rolled up on itself, tel  a snake. 

It's heretrue root of our Tree of Life, the place ofcosmo-telluric forceswho animate us like   a fountain… 

In a way, it could be compared tomolten magmawho is theearth coreand who like   a volcano can erupt… 

Thephysical survivalis the primary concern of those whoseenergy is centered on the root chakra. The  fear of being physically or psychologically hurt can invade their thoughts or they will have  a tendency to hurt others. 

If this chakra lacks energy,there is a risk of becoming apathetic, of lacking willpower, of self-confidence,  of feeling in danger, anxious and worried. 

in humans, the base chakra or 1st chakra rotates to the right, more actively expressing the sense of conquest and dominance in the material and sexual sphere.

On the contrary, in women, the base chakra turns to the left, making her more sensitive to the invigorating and life-generating force of the earth.



• Under the perineum 


• Rooting 
• Survival 
• Security 
• Wellness 
• Physical life 


Connections : 

• To Mother Earth 
• With the physical world 
• Life experiences from 1 to 7 years old 



• Etheric  


• Adrenals – survival glands, essential for incarnation 


• Adrenaline 
• Noradrenaline 



• Spine, bones, teeth, hair, anything bony and hard 
• Lower part of organs and limbs (anus, rectum, legs, feet) 
• immune system (bone marrow, blood cells) 


Meaning : 

• Smell 


• Procreation (will) 
• Prenatal experiences, from birth, and postnatal up to age 7, will have an influence on

  the formation of this chakra. 
• These experiences will influence all life 

Strength : 

• Ability to defend oneself 


Energy form: 

• Solid 


Creative energy: 

• This chakra connects us to the physical world and to the Earth 
• It is the seat of the Kundalini 


Manifested Energy: 

• With the 1st chakra, one can be well in one's body… or pas 
• Need for logic, order and structure 


Psychological influences: 

• Feelings and emotions with our feeling of being in our body 
• On this 1st chakra depends the affective and family environment 
• Survival, instinct, natural family, sense of security and comfort 
• Feeling of being at home, in one's place 
• Feeling of security 
• Order and cohesion within the family and society 
• Nightmares (not enough vital energy) 

• Difficulties staying positive 
• Eating disorders have their origin in this chakra (eating by compensation) 
• Despite any compensation, feeling of not being satisfied 
• This generates compulsions to eat, work… bulimia, anorexia… 


Essential oils : 

• Canelle 
• Cedar 
• Clove (avoid for pregnant women) 
• Myrrh 
• Nar 
• Patchouli 
• Vétivert 
• Tea Tree 



• Lower back pain (1st and 3rd chakras) 
• Hemorrhoids 
• Sciatica 
• All bones, coccyx 
• Varicose veins in the legs 
• Rectum tumor 
• Depression 
• Autoimmune diseases 
• Immune problems 
• Cholesterol  


• Fear of losing material survival 
• Fear of abandonment 
• Fear of disorganization (material, daily life, not having one's feet on the ground). 
• Fear of dying 
• Fear of staying alive 
• Fears: shelter (house), food (lack), basic needs, change, support, letting go, food and body care.
• These fears appear at the time of transitions (changes of work, relationship, city, country, etc.). Spiritual aspect: • With this chakra, we are on Earth to learn a spiritual lesson through the material world.
• Connected to the vital world and to our ability to live in our body.

Spiritual aspect: 

• With this chakra, we are on Earth to learn a spiritual lesson through the material world.
• Connected to the vital world and to our ability to live in our body. 


Food :………… Proteins

Summary table to downloadHERE

Color: Red

Right: Having

Element: Earth

Mantra: Lam

Metal: Lead


• Hematite
• Garnet
• Ruby

Keyword : I am


Planet: Earth and Saturn


Balanced root chakra: 
Physical vitality, feeling of well-being, feeling of being well grounded, feeling   of being centered, sexually  affectionate and in control of oneself._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Weak or blocked root chakra
Tendency to reverie, forgetfulness, lack of memory or inability to memorize, distraction, boredom,  laziness, apathy, lack of fighting spirit and dynamism, instability. Excess of material problems,  inability to solve them, tendencies to flee reality.


Overdeveloped Root Chakra: 
Tendency to excess of physical and material pleasures: accumulation of goods, race for wealth, excess of  table, abuse of alcoholic beverages and tobacco, obsession with sex._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Tendencies to selfishness, lack of generosity.  

Tendency to high blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, overweight, malaise  post-prandials, cardiac alerts. 
Authoritarian, angry and sometimes violent tendencies, hyperactivity. 

Information provided by:

Jean Paul Thouny

Energy therapist, trainer - Voiron (Isère) France

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